Automotive Special Hex Nut

Automotive Special Hex Nut

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Automotive Special Hex Nuts we offer are specially designed nuts, which come with threaded holes. These have hexagonal heads or six sides, and vary in footing of their length, thread on accordance with the application demands. Employed for umpteen applications, these absorb the shock and vibration which pass out in the vehicles. Precisely engineered to run into assorted technical standards, these are specifically used for automotive applications that usually demand to be tightened to a particular torque setting, employing a torque wrench. Automotive Special Hex Nuts we offer are compatible with other vehicle components and add to a safe driving.

Key Points :

  • Small and light-weighted products, which resist corrosion.
  • Available in varied threads, lengths and different other features.
  • Can be simply fitted, even-textured structures.
  • Accessible in many varieties and magnitudes, cut down the chances of quivers and motions.